(And how YOU can too).


If the youth of your church are currently involved in, or are
anticipating a need for fund raising projects, you can add a substantial amount of money to your treasury without working your fingers to the bones using these proven secrets in the windshield washing business.

Dear Youth Worker;

I’ve searched out an easy way to help your youth group make extra money by washing windshields in a manner I will reveal to you in my recently published PDF eBook,  “MAKE $75 PER HOUR TONIGHT IN YOUR OWN WINDSHIELD WASHING BUSINESS!”


Churches have been raising money for all sorts of activities and causes for decades. There are all kinds of ways to do this: Car Washes, Bake Sales, Walk-A-Thons, Candy and Pizza Sales, etc… all of which generate poor participation and small treasury deposits.

In the process of one of these so-called fund raisers it was heard, “there must be a better way”.  Upon hearing this statement, I decided to find it. What we came up with in a brainstorming session really…..


…..and those who experienced our first windshield wash.

FINALLY! We found an easy way to raise money the very same day that we put our program into operation. DID YOU HEAR THAT?


Talk about simple. This program can be operated by one person or as many people as you have in your youth group. And the best part is you will rake in money, hand over fist!

Do you know of any other fund raising activity where you can make over $150.00 in as little as two hours, starting as soon as you put the program into operation?

Perhaps the greatest part of the whole matter is people gladly pay for this service.

As a matter of fact this program is so good, your preacher or pastor will…..

…..JUMP FOR JOY!!!!! – (Wouldn’t you like to see that?)  When he sees money being raised for your youth group. He will be so proud of every one of you.

This amazing idea is loved by everyone in our church…

> The Kids love it because it generates an easy-to-see cash flow that mounts very quickly into large sums, and because it is fun and exciting!

One evening in July, we raised $257.00 in only 2 hours. On Aug. 5 we took in $268.00.

> The Youth Leaders love it because they can direct the youth in a meaningful and positive way, without them having to put forth all of the working effort.

> The Pastor loves it because he is overjoyed by the spirit of cooperation and unity this program brings to the youth.

> The parents love it because even the shyest of the youth are involved and are being a part of God’s will.

>Everyone loves it because it is a very simple business that is easy to learn and can be put into operation as soon as you read the easy step by step manual.

Just think of what you can do with all of the extra money your youth group will make in your windshield washing business.

Go on that youth trip that you always wanted to take but couldn’t because no one wanted to wash enough cars or sell more candy or go on another walk-a-thon, (I know, because I have been there).

You will be able to assist in your churches’ other ministry activities or help out another church or send the youth director or pastor to church sponsored activities.

Imagine how excited your youth will be just knowing that they helped out with a worthy cause.

May we suggest having a special time in a service to recognize the youth for their effort? It gives a sense of servant hood and develops strong roots in the church at an early age.


While the investment is tiny (only $3.00 for materials) and the rewards great, the amount of money you will make will depend on the efforts of your group.

Our small group usually collects between $150.00-$250.00 per evening, usually averaging $75.00 per hour worked. Not bad, HUH?

My friend and fellow youth worker, Kevin, says this is by far the greatest fund raising ideas he has ever seen. He is continually amazed by the amount of money it generates!


Perhaps the greatest part of this is the tiny cost to get started. If you only have $3.00 in your pocket to buy only 3 items (we will tell you which 3 in your manual) which can be picked up at almost any variety or grocery store, you can make so much money it will make your…

…..head spin!!!!!

You might even have to hire an armored truck to cart off all of your cash…Seriously, ONE small investment today will put cash, and lots of it, in your pocket forever.

Ever hear the story; give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, or teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime?

This business will do just that for your youth group.



In our eBook, “MAKE $75 PER HOUR TONIGHT IN YOUR OWN WINDSHIELD WASHING BUSINESS”, we will show you step by step how to raise money for your church youth group.

We will show you how:

  • How you can start this business with only a $3.00 investment or less.

  • Exactly which items you will need to get started quickly and profitably.

  • What to say to a customer and why you need to say it this way. Not following our suggestions will surely mean failure.

  • Which areas to work in to bring in the most profit.

  • Have money in your pocket today, not weeks from now.

After paying you will be directed to my download page where you can download your eBook, “MAKE $75 PER HOUR TONIGHT IN YOUR OWN WINDSHIELD WASHING BUSINESS” and you can begin making money TONIGHT! WOW! Sound Great?

Yes it is! But here is something else…


If for any reason you are not fully delighted with your purchase, just zap me back an email and tell me why you are not satisfied and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

So you see there is absolutely no risk on your part. You have every thing to gain by ordering this valuable report…

…..and nothing to lose, except easy money by not taking action and ordering this valuable report, NOW!

You either make the kind of money I told you about, or you get your money back, fast. Guaranteed!

Try this program out for 30 days. If it isn’t what I said it was, simply let me know and I’ll rush you a refund. No questions asked.

Please order right away. This could be the smartest financial investment you will make for your youth group.




Al Pooser

P.S. By ordering today, we will show you how to invest only $3.00 and make $75.00/hour tonight for your youth group.

PPS Remember, if you are not satisfied in any way you get your money back, fast!!!

FREE BONUS! (If you order within the next 7 days) I will show you how a local Baptist Church Youth Group raised $3500 in only one day in a easy to run business that parallels your windshield washing business.

You can apply what you know about the windshield washing business and possibly make the same or much more money. Order today. Thank you.


  • Is this easy? Yes, Extremely easy. You can have as few as one person or as many people that you have in your group.

  • Is this expensive? No! You most likely have all of the items you need lying around the house, thus making it free. If you don’t you can pick up these items up at Wal-Mart for less than $3.00.

    This will be the cheapest fund raiser that you have ever experienced and I dare say your profits will be much higher also.

  • How long will it take to read the eBook?  That is the beauty of this.  The eBook is only a few pages long but the value of what you will learn is priceless and you will be up and running in no time.

  • What about competition? Competition is not a factor. You can have your group at one place and a different group doing the same thing as you, right across the street and it will not affect your group.

  • Is your eBook guaranteed? Yes. If you are not satisfied for ANY reason within 30 days, simply let me know you want a refund and I’ll zip you your money back real quick. You can even keep the eBook.

    How’s that for a guarantee?

    I’ll bet I couldn’t beg you to ask for a refund, once you see the EASY money that you WILL make.

  • Is this business messy? No way! You can do this in dress clothes if you wish.

  • Can we really make money the same day we get the manual? Yes! Get your group together along with the materials you need and you can make $75.00 per hour and more beginning the day you get your eBook.

  • How did you come up with the idea? I noticed dirty windshields everywhere. I really hated washing cars all of the time, so I decided to wash windshields instead, and we were extremely amazed at the amount of money we raked in. No more car washes for me!

  • Are there other benefits to this business? Yes. Following our system, we will show how you can use this as an outreach for you group –  (new members to your organization or new members to your church).

    Order your eBook today. Only $9.00

    Get started in this easy to run business. You will not be disappointed! You will recover your investment back in the first 15 minutes that you put it into operation.

    Say good bye to the never ending treadmill of candy and pizza sales, walk-a-thons and those ever pesky car washes and welcome to the easy, fun to operate Windshield Washing Business.

    Thank you,

    Al Pooser